About our response to the spread of new coronavirus infection

Dear customers

Allied Telesis Holdings Co., Ltd. Chairman
and CEO Allied Telesis Co., Ltd. President
Akiyoshi Oshima

About our response to the spread of new coronavirus infection

As the new coronavirus infection rages around the world and spreads in Japan, we are committed to the safety and health of our customers, partner companies, employees and their families, as well as all stakeholders. We give top priority to this and implement measures to prevent the spread of infection based on the action guidelines of the government and local governments.

We have sales and service bases in 35 prefectures in Japan, and we provide prompt response from the base closest to the customer, and the support center has a service system in place to handle all customers. At business establishments located in areas subject to the state of emergency, we are promoting teleworking and staggered commuting, while making the utmost efforts not to reduce services by utilizing video conferencing and conference calls. I will. On top of that, for employees involved in local design and technical support, we will continue to provide support to our customers with a thorough system, such as taking measures to prevent infection such as temperature measurement, wearing masks, thorough hand washing, and ensuring social distance. I am trying to. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Currently, we continue to handle inquiries from customers and business partners, respond to orders, respond to product shipments, and provide support services as before. The impact on production activities is small at this point, and at present we are able to continue operating our own factories overseas, and we are currently securing sufficient inventories in Japan.

Due to this emergency, the demand for digitalization is increasing more than ever. On the other hand, constant cyber attacks threaten companies and organizations. As a company that provides networks, which are important social infrastructure, we are engaged in corporate activities to contribute to the creation of a comfortable and safe digital society. If you have any problems with your network or IT infrastructure, please feel free to contact us.

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