We’ve been serving the needs of our customers and the telecommunications industry since 1987.

Although the technology we design and build has evolved significantly over time, our hard-earned reputation for standards-based performance and product reliability has remained a constant, highly respected value to our customers and partners around the globe.

The Company

Our solutions-based philosophy of producing products that deliver value to our customers, together with high-quality service and support, has resulted in an extensive worldwide customer presence.

We need flexible products, fast response, and the very best technical support—and this is exactly what we get from Allied Telesis. Our client is very happy with their Allied Telesis solution, which more than meets their critical business requirements.

Mr. Kailas Pawar
Consultant / Epsilon Design Consultancy
NK Jain


Take advantage of our advanced performance and functionality to build secure, reliable IoT and SDN-ready networks.

Environmental Initiatives

We’re committed to providing the world with products designed and built to the highest quality standards,
while minimizing the impact to the environment.

Environmental Policy

We’re committed to sustaining a healthy global environment.

Energy Reduction

Our products run on less energy and use it more efficiently.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Policy Compliance

We share a commitment to recycle waste and safely dispose of things that can’t be recycled.