Allied Telesis và đối tác – công ty Terumo hướng đến cung cấp giải pháp quản lý vị trí hiệu quả cho các thiết bị IoT trong lĩnh vực y tế

Allied Telesis has announced a new partnership with Terumo.

Terumo is a global leader in medical technology and their Terufusion Advanced Infusion System offers accurate, reliable, and innovative syringe and volumetric pumps, without putting an extra burden on healthcare professionals. However, in the busy hospital environment such devices are not easily tracked, and inventory control can become compromised.

To solve this ongoing issue, Allied Telesis and Terumo have worked together to enable smart syringe pumps whose location can be centrally visualized making them easy to find—saving hospital staff valuable time and enhancing patient care.

Terufusion Smart Syringe Pumps are added as wireless devices into the Allied Telesis Vista Manager EX network monitoring and management platform. They can then be easily viewed, with an appropriate syringe pump icon, on the network map along with other network and IoT devices, and their location is clearly shown. Now medical staff can easily and quickly find syringe pumps when they need them, which helps the hospital run smoothly and improves patient outcomes.

Other key benefits of this new solution include being able to import multiple smart syringe pumps into Vista Manager EX in a single step, where they become very easy to manage and status monitor using the inventory management tools in Vista Manager EX. This saves hospitals even more time and money.

Allied Telesis will continue to work with Terumo to build an experience demonstration environment at Terumo’s training facility, “Pranex”. Together, Allied Telesis and Terumo will collaborate to solve network and technology problems in the medical field.

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