AMF Security Controller

The Allied Telesis AMF Security (AMF-Sec) Controller enables our state-of-the-art network management and security solution. It provides exactly what enterprises need—reduced management costs, increased security and an improved end-user experience.

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ simplifies and automates network management. AMF-Sec adds a powerful security component with an intelligent, fully-featured SDN controller. It reduces manual effort and cost by working with security applications to instantly respond to alerts, and block the movement of threats within a wired or wireless network.


AMF-Sec partners with best-of-breed firewall and security appliances to identify threats, then the intelligent Isolation Adapter engine built into our AMF–Sec controller responds immediately to isolate the affected part of the network, and quarantine the suspect device. Remediation can be applied so the device can re-join the network with minimal disruption. Responses are configurable, and comprehensive logging provides a clear audit trail.

The AMF-Sec Controller is key to our innovative and award-winning AMF Security solution, to enable a Self-Defending Network that helps organizations avoid lost time and unnecessary disruption to network services.


See the following documents for more information about AMF Security and details of how to install and use it.

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