ATCC First to Deliver Ultra-Fast Internet to Residential Customers at US Overseas Military Bases

Allied Telesis Capital Corporation (ATCC) is pleased to announce the first deployment of ultra-fast Internet services to customers on US overseas military bases. ATCC has delivered voice, video, and data services to US military bases in the Pacific for several years. For the first time, residential customers at Yokota Air Base, Misawa Air Base, Camp Zama Army Post, and Kadena Airbase can enjoy Internet services at rates of 2.5 Gbps, 5.0 Gbps, and 10 Gbps. *

“With the deployment of this service, ATCC continues to demonstrate its leadership in deploying advanced services to our customers,” says Keith Southard, Chief Operating Officer. “ATCC is one of only a few companies worldwide that can provide faster-than-Gigabit Internet services, and this is a first for an overseas US military base. It’s a game-changer for customers and dramatically raises the bar for service providers.”

ATCC began providing services in 2006 with the first-ever delivery of live US TV Programming and the deployment of advanced VoIP services to US military bases in Japan. In 2012 ATCC was the first to deploy Fiber-to-the-Home Gigabit Internet services for the military.

* Connection speeds depend on the capabilities of the end-user’s equipment but will connect at the highest rate supported by that equipment.

About Allied Telesis Capital Corp

ATCC was formed in 2005 to provide advanced data, voice, and video services to the US government. ATCC currently provides services on seventeen US military bases in Japan and South Korea. Additionally, ATCC delivers services to the US State Department at the embassy complex in Japan. In 2018, ATCC registered as a CLEC to provide voice and commercial data services to customers in mainland USA.

Allied Telesis Capital Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allied Telesis Holdings, KK.

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