Easy with your smartphone! Wireless connection from 2D barcode! -Upgrade the firmware of wireless LAN access point products-

Allied Telesis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Akiyoshi Oshima) has upgraded the firmware of wireless LAN access point products and provided a download service for the new firmware “Ver. 6.0.1-2.1” from our website. It started on July 7th.

<Main functions expanded with firmware “Ver. 6.0.1-2.1”>

  • ■ Easy wireless LAN connection from 2D barcode
  • A new function to issue a two-dimensional bar code that can be read by the camera function of a smartphone or tablet PC from the simple setting screen of the wireless LAN access point has been added.
    As a result, by issuing the wireless LAN connection setting as a two-dimensional bar code, printing it out and posting it, it becomes possible to read it with a bar code reader and connect easily, as a guidance display for free Wi-Fi, etc. You can use it.

  • (Image screen)

    Easily issue a 2D barcode from the setting screen! !!

  • ■ Easy to set up
  • You can easily set up the wireless LAN by scanning the two-dimensional bar code attached at the time of product shipment and connecting to it, displaying the setting screen of the wireless LAN access point. Wired / wireless connection settings and security settings can also be set at once, so even those who are new to wireless settings or who do not have specialized knowledge can easily make settings and changes.
    For example, it is recommended when you want to change the settings regularly to enhance security in the company, or when you want to change the password regularly and provide free Wi-Fi at hospitals and commercial facilities.
    Note) This function is for AT-TQ1402 and AT-TQm1402. In addition, products with a two-dimensional bar code will be released.

For other added / expanded functions and details, see “Firmware (firmware revision history)” of each product.

<Wireless LAN access point products subject to version upgrade> Now on sale



AT-TQ1402 (left), AT-TQ5403 (right)

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