GS Yuasa Co., Ltd.

Integrated integration of ERP system network, which is the basis of the new factory in Hungary

GS Yuasa, which develops, manufactures, and sells various batteries for automobiles and industries globally, plans to introduce systems for core operations and production management when constructing a new factory in Hungary. Allied Telesis provided total support for the integration of ERP systems and network infrastructure, helping to build the system network that underlies factories that require stability, reliability, and high security.

Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

GS Yuasa Co., Ltd.

Mr. Shunsuke Mizutani, Group Manager, IT Promotion Group, Business Promotion Department,
Lithium Ion Battery Division, GS Yuasa Co., Ltd.


1 Kisshoin Nishinosho Ino Babacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
June 1, 2004
Representative Director and President Osamu Murao

In 2004, GS (Nippon Battery) and YUASA merged to form GS Yuasa Corporation. The corporate philosophy is “innovation and growth”. We are developing businesses such as manufacturing and sales of various batteries for automobiles and industries, power supply systems, power receiving and transforming equipment, lighting equipment, ultraviolet application equipment, and other electrical equipment.

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