Gunma Jiekai Matsuida Hospital

Established an in-hospital network using VCS and AMF as an infrastructure for a safe and secure medical system

Established in-hospital network infrastructure with a view to introducing electronic medical records. As “a network that does not stop” is important in promoting medical information, the “x930 series” that supports VCS and AMF masters for core switches in the hospital, and AMF members for distribution switches and edge switches. Introduced the “x510 series” and “x230 series”. In the unlikely event that a switch fails, we aim to realize a highly available hospital network through redundancy with VCS, automation of settings with AMF, and early recovery.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Gunma Jiekai Matsuida Hospital

Mr. Koichi Takahashi, Director of
Matsuida Hospital, Gunma Jiekai Foundation

Number of Beds

1300-1 Shinbori, Matsuidamachi, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture
January 1928
119 beds
11 departments including internal medicine, surgery and respiratory department. In addition, Yokogawa Clinic will be added.
Our philosophy is “hospitals and facilities that are trusted by the local people with the motto of love and science, and that are a place of peace of mind, and hospitals and facilities that always think patient-oriented.”

Partner companies

Hitachi Systems Networks, Inc.

Mr. Yoichiro Matsui,
Sales Group
Manager , Saitama Branch , Hitachi Systems Networks

Head Office
Number of Employees
1-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Art Village Osaki Central Tower 4th floor
December 1965
121.33 million yen
260 people

We provide one-stop services from system proposals to construction, operation management, and maintenance services such as communication, network, and security.

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