Hakusan Ishikawa Medical Enterprises

Build and operate a network that forms the basis of an electronic medical record system that connects five medical institutions with AMF and AWC.

The Hakusan Ishikawa Medical Corporation Group has renewed its LAN environment by integrating five medical institutions within the company group via a network. Allied Telesis solution will be introduced to the new network, AMF (Autonomous Management Framework) will be used to build a network that enables integrated management and quick recovery in case of emergency, and AWC (Autonomous Wave Control) will always maintain the optimum environment. Realized an autonomous wireless LAN.

Network configuration image diagram

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Hakusan Ishikawa Medical Corporation Public Matsuto Ishikawa Central Hospital

Hakusan Ishikawa Medical Corporation Public Central Hospital of Matto Ishikawa Central Hospital Deputy Director PET Center Doctor of Medicine Kunihiko Yokoyama



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3-8 Kuramitsu, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture 1948 305 floors http://www.mattohp.jp/

There are 30 clinical departments. Based on abundant imaging equipment centered on PET and PET-CT, we are promoting the shared use of advanced medical equipment and developing a full range of medical cooperation. Aiming for completion in March 2019, the sixth extension work (general medical examination center extension work) has started, and the medical examination facilities will be further enhanced.

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