Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital

Adopting AMF as the foundation of the radiology network, building a network that can respond immediately in the event of an emergency

At Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital, network equipment such as Allied Telesis’ AMF (Autonomous Management Framework) compatible core switch “SwitchBlade x8100 series” was introduced to update the radiology network. We have built a network that can respond immediately in the event of an emergency and reduce downtime.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital

Prefectural Hiroshima Hospital
Department of Radiology and Radiation Therapy
Radiological Technologist
Medical Information Technologist
Medical Image Information Specialist
Kyohei Morimoto

Examination Subject
Number of Beds
1-5-54 Ujinakanda, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City
37 Department

712 beds (662 general beds, 50 mental illness beds)

Prefectural General Hospital in Minami-ku, Hiroshima City. Established in 1877, it has been providing various medical care such as emergency medical care, cerebrocardiovascular medical care, growth medical care, and cancer medical care as a regional core hospital for a long time. In the event of a disaster, it functions as a core disaster base hospital and is also a cooperating hospital for the doctor helicopter business.

Partner Companies

FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tsukasa Watanabe, Manager, IT Solution Center,
Sales Headquarters, FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.

Number of Employees
2-26-30 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
1,682 people (as of July 1, 2018)


It sells medical image information systems and related software and equipment, and provides solutions for hospitals / clinics / medical examinations.

GDK Co., Ltd.

Kenji Gondo,
CEO of GDK Co., Ltd.

Number of Employees
2-20-12 Takachiho, Sanyo Onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
year 2012
Five people


We provide network construction, electricity, air conditioning equipment, automatic control design and construction, etc.

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