Ishinomaki Municipal Hospital

Allied Telesis totally introduces IT system infrastructure of new hospital

Ishinomaki Municipal Hospital in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, introduced the IT system infrastructure from Allied Telesis in the construction of the new hospital. Allied Telesis has built a virtualization platform for electronic medical record systems using “EtherGRID”, and Allied Telesis has integrated the installation and construction of networks, client PCs, printers, digital signage, wireless LAN environments, etc., greatly reducing the burden of installation. Furthermore, by centralizing the maintenance support window with Allied Telesis with Net.Monitor, the operation is streamlined.

Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Ishinomaki Municipal Hospital

Mr. Jun Katayama,
General Manager, Medical Technology Department, Ishinomaki Municipal Hospital

Location Clinical Department Number of Beds URL
15-1, Kokucho, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture 6 clinical departments 140 beds in general ward (20 beds are palliative care beds), 40 beds in medical treatment ward

Opened in 1998. Municipal hospital operated by the city. We will contribute to regional medical care and provide high-quality medical care that will satisfy the local people.

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