Independent Administrative Institution National Hospital Organization Matsumoto Medical Center

AMF is adopted for the network that is the basis of the electronic medical record system to realize centralized network management.

The National Hospital Organization Matsumoto Medical Center in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture has introduced an Allied Telesis network solution for the introduction of an electronic medical record system and the construction of a new hospital building. It realizes a network that can be centrally managed and can be easily recovered from a failure.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Independent Administrative Institution National Hospital Organization Matsumoto Medical Center

Mr. Isao Nakazawa,
General Manager, Medical Information Management Department, Matsumoto Medical Center


Number of Beds
2-20-30 Muraimachi Minami, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture (Matsumoto Hospital)
1908 (Matsumoto Hospital), 1940 (Chushin Matsumoto Hospital)
243 beds (Matsumoto Hospital), 330 beds (Chushin Matsumoto Hospital)

Matsumoto Hospital and Chushin Matsumoto Hospital will be integrated in April 2008, and will be integrated as “Matsumoto Medical Center” in 2018. Due to the integration, the number of beds is planned to be 458, 62 private rooms and 8 HCUs (intensive care units for critically ill patients) will be newly established, considering the improvement of medical treatment and medical care environment, emergency medical care, cancer medical care, various We will provide high-quality medical care in a wide range from specialized medical care to medical care for people with disabilities.

Partner companies

Maruto Electric Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yasuhito Miyata, Chief of
Sales Division, Maruto Electric Co., Ltd.

Number of Employees
3-9-1 Tenryucho, Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture
80 people (as of January 5, 2015)

With 5 bases in Nagano prefecture and all prefectures as sales areas, we work on our daily work with the mottos of “providing the latest information”, “optimal proposals”, “reliable construction”, and “quick and detailed response”. I’m out.

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