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Wi-Fi6 and Allied Telesis' solutions make wireless LAN the main part of the network

With the advent of Wi-Fi6, the wireless area has become even larger, and the number of connected devices has increased dramatically, making wireless LAN options more convenient than ever. While the number of wireless clients has increased, management and operations have become more difficult. Are you struggling to create a reliable wireless LAN environment?

MDX (Multi-Dimensional Exchange) enables multidimensional management of wireless LAN devices, including not only left/right movement within a single floor, but also up/down, left/right, including the entire building, and even time. This is achieved by combining Wi-Fi6 with our unique AWC solutions, providing high scalability, reliability, and redundancy for wireless LAN networks, which are becoming increasingly more important.

Challenges and the Solutions

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MDX can be fully utilized by Wireless LAN

Stable operation with wireless LAN that never stops AWC-SAC

Vista Manager EX with AWC allows access points (AP) to operate only as much as needed.

Furthermore, APs put on standby by AWC-SAC can be used as a redundant AP in case an active AP goes down.
When an AP failure is detected, the redundant AP will autonomously start up and cover the wireless area of the AP that has lost communication, thus maintaining a stable wireless LAN environment with non-stop communication even in the case of failure.

This makes it possible to effectively use the AP as a spare unit. Providing AP redundancy even in a wireless environment provides a stable and non-stop network.

Link users to devices and visualize location and behavior AWC-WAM

3D, direct visualization

Even in an environment that crosses multiple floors, conditions such as the spread of radio waves and device movement can be displayed in 3D. The 3D view on the map allows for more direct and easy management and peration.

By displaying APs and wireless devices in 3D, the wireless environment can be monitored across the entire network.

Link users and devices for easy management

As the number of devices increases, the management of devices can become complicated. These can be easily managed through an easy-to-understand GUI screen. Only registered devices can be included in the network, and a list of devices can be displayed on the dashboard screen to monitor their current status in real time.

This feature reduces the time and effort required for asset management by allowing a field representative, rather than the administrator of the entire network, to easily manage the wireless devices.

Multidimensional visualization of past conditions, and diverse logs AWC-VAS

Network status, including past wireless device connection status and wave conditions, can be displayed on a map.
Since the network status can be viewed on a map rather than in a log, it is easy to compare it with the current status.

When a problem occurs, it is possible to go back in time to analyze the cause of the problem, and to use past device connection and wave conditions as preventive actions against future problems, helping to build an optimal environment.

Multi-gigabit wired connection with Cat5e cables for high capacity and high speed

By using the multi-gigabit PoE++ injector “AT-7101GHTm” for connections between switches and APs, communication can be increased to 2.5G and 5G with Cat5e cables.
This is a cost-saving solution because there is no need to prepare new cables and the speed can be increased without changing the current environment.

The PoE connection allows APs to operate without the need for an additional power supply, maximizing the high capacity and high speed of Wi-Fi6.

Multidimensional visualization of a wide variety of information on the entire network

Previously, logs were the only way to check past network environments.

MDX allows you to visually inspect past conditions on a map and check the location and communication status of wireless devices.

When a problem occurs, a wide variety of information can also be viewed in a multidimensional way to elucidate the cause of the problem.
This helps maintain an optimal network environment by detecting suspicious devices and changes in the environment.

Use Cases

Monitor wireless devices easily

3D display of radio wave conditions on multi floors

Non stoppable due to wireless AP redundancy

Visualize past wireless conditions

Total Protection

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