New Value from IT Infrastructure

AMF Plus

AMF Plus provides new value from network management using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to support sustainable business growth.

What new value can AMF Plus create?

In today’s world where networks have become the central infrastructure of society, network management has gone beyond mere operational efficiency and has become part of business innovation.

As more devices and systems become connected and new services use data, the user-experience improves. At the same time, the importance of uninterruptible communications has greatly increased.

Allied Telesis’ AMF Plus enhances the robustness of the entire network. It does this by strengthening the management of all IT/OT assets connected to the network, and by applying appropriate security measures. In addition, by detecting potential problems in advance, it makes prevention and proactive maintenance possible, improving IT operation and efficiency.

Reach new heights with the four key aspects of AMF Plus

AMF Plus creates new services and improved business through data utilization.

1. Discover

Search your entire IT infrastructure to detect both “managed” and “unmanaged” network and endpoint devices

Dynamic Asset Management (DAM)
DAM lets you visualize devices connected to the IT infrastructure – not only network devices but also IoT devices such as PCs and IP cameras. It can detect connected unmanaged devices and devices from other vendors, and it automates asset management by creating a digital record that is automatically updated daily. Multiple protocols enable it to detect a wide range of third-party endpoint devices, without the need to install an agent on those endpoint devices.

Integrated Vista Manager Plugins
By linking AMF Plus with IT/OT asset management applications, you can see more detailed information about devices. You can display and manage device information visually on a single pane of glass with Vista Manager EX, instead of having to compare multiple management screens in parallel.

2. Protect

Autonomous intelligence for a secure network

Intelligent Edge Security (IES)
IES enables you to set an access policy for each detected device, so that IoT devices that do not have, or cannot install, security software can be connected safely and securely. The asset management record in Vista Manager EX provides a convenient way to check each device’s authentication status – and to control access manually or dynamically through security policies.

AMF Security Integration
Allied Telesis’ AMF Security (AMF-SEC) solution uses Software Defined Networking to control networked devices. It works with a wide range of popular firewall applications to immediately block or quarantine infected or suspect devices automatically without any administrator intervention.


Smart Access Control Lists (ACLs)
ACLs are a powerful way to create network access policies but they have a reputation for being complex to manage. AMF Plus displays your ACLs in an easy-to-understand matrix, enabling you to understand the connection status and allowed access of devices. Devices of concern are automatically identified and dynamically reflected in the access list. This eliminates the need to define each device individually, as with conventional access lists. In addition, AMF Plus includes a mechanism to easily check your policy configuration, preventing policy inconsistencies and unintended assignments.

3. Operate

Automate the operation of IT infrastructure

Health Monitoring Dashboard (HMD)
The Health Monitoring Dashboard constantly monitors hardware and network health of Allied Telesis and third-party devices. You can set threshold values for each monitored item, and if AMF Plus detects an abnormal value, it notifies you via email and display of an alert, enabling you to take quick corrective action. In addition to notifications, third-party products can be controlled (reboot or reconfiguration) using standard protocols such as NETCONF and RemoteShell.

As well, you can monitor traffic usage of part or all of the network. Historic usage records can be used for analysis and decision-making in case of failure, equipment replacement, or configuration review.


Intent-Based QoS
In today’s world of ever-increasing high-priority communications, simply controlling the priority of traffic on each device is not enough to ensure uninterrupted voice and video. Therefore, AMF Plus uses AI and ML to control traffic queuing across the network as a whole. This enables it to balance traffic priorities across the entire network and achieve uninterrupted, high-quality communication.

4. Launch

Use cases for new data utilization

With an AMF Plus network, a wide variety of data gathered on the network can be organized and used for services and systems that improve business. New value can be created from previously limited applications, and linking multiple systems and data can lead to the creation of unprecedented business opportunities.

Medical care: Simplify conformance with medical information system guidelines

AMF Plus improves asset management, security measures, and services.

  • Streamline your medical equipment asset management
  • Have the convenience of one-stop management and security for medical information
  • Automate quality management of medical information systems, services, and equipment

Manufacturing: One second of line stoppage causes losses – get unstoppable infrastructure

AMF Plus improves equipment security measures and facility operation.

  • Simplify edge security for all of your factory’s varied devices
  • Simplify zone management
  • Improve manufacturing management with integrated discovery plugins

Education: Network operation and management to support digital transformation in the classroom

AMF Plus helps to identify the cause of bottlenecks and make sure communication flows.

  • Ensure all classes, students and educators enjoy uninterrupted connection
  • Automate network monitoring
  • Identify issues and proactively maintain equipment

Enterprise: Management and operation of a wide variety of IoT devices has become increasingly complex

AMF Plus improves management and operational efficiency through an integrated management platform.

  • Avoid business stoppages by reducing the risk of failures
  • Enjoy integrated management of multiple device types in the office
  • Support diverse work styles with wired + wireless priority control

Continue to enjoy Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) as part of AMF Plus

The convenience of AMF’s integrated network management continues to be available as part of AMF Plus. AMF Plus further evolves network management by incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). It inherits AMF’s integrated management functions such as zero-touch network expansion and device recovery.