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Security Measure Automation By AMF-SEC

Protect your business

Cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Companies now routinely enable work from home—hot-desking, flexitime, and BYOD— all of which make it harder to secure the work environment and protect digital assets from internal and external threats.

Automate cybersecurity with an award-winning Allied Telesis self-defending network.

Avoid the risk of disruption to business continuity

Protect the network from internal and external malware threats

Automate edge security for an easier faster threat response

React less. Defend more

Internal Protection

Networks are more vulnerable than ever and need strong defenses.

Get a self-defending network that instantly responds to malicious, or accidental, malware infection and automatically blocks threats within your wired or wireless LAN.


malware samples are produced daily


of staff use their own devices at work


of security breaches start internally

External Protection

Cyber attacks against organizations increase exponentially every year. Our Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls provide powerful protection and secure connectivity for your online environment.

Encrypt and secure inter-branch communication

Manage employee online access

Protect against external viruses and malware

Block cyber attacks before they get in

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Total Protection

Maximize your business operation, and leave your security concerns with a trusted networking partner.