WAN Automation By AMF-WAN​

Simplify your network with SD-WAN

AMF-WAN is Allied Telesis’ SD-WAN, which makes WANs easier to use, with a variety of features such as predictive detection, flexible rule changes, and centralised management.

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As technology advances, WAN lines are becoming increasingly high-bandwidth, while enterprise system infrastructure is shifting from on-premise to public clouds. In addition, SaaS applications and IP telephony are becoming more common, and the dependency on WAN lines is increasing. In addition, the devices that users use for work are becoming more diverse, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and the use of IoT connections to the network is rapidly advancing. As a result, high-bandwidth WAN lines are becoming strained, and conventional WAN connections are reaching their limits.

Benefits Deliver by AMF-WAN

Improved Perfomance

AMF-WAN optimizes traffic flow and ensures better performance by dynamically selecting the most efficient route based on network conditions.

Enhanced Security

AMF-WAN solution includes built-in security features, such as encryption and firewall capabilities, to ensure data protection.

Increased Flexibility

AMF-WAN enables easier management of network policies and configurations, allowing for greater flexibility and agility in adapting to changing business requirements.

Cost Savings

By utilizing multiple types of connections, such as MPLS, broadband, and LTE, AMF-WAN can help reduce costs compared to traditional WAN architectures.

Application Optimization

AMF-WAN can prioritize critical applications and allocate resources accordingly, ensuring optimal performance for essential business functions.

Centralized Management

AMF-WAN provides centralized control and visibility over the entire network, making it easier to monitor and manage network performance and security from a single interface.

Challenges and solutions

Do you have any concerns about your WAN environment? AMF-WAN solves it.

It eliminates network complaints and claims from users, and also reduces the burden and cost of WAN operation and management.

AMF-WAN Features

In addition to line load balancing, bandwidth control, and application control, AMF-WAN provides solutions to improve network availability, increase operational efficiency, and ensure security through cooperation with AMF, Vista Manager EX, and AMF-SEC.ipiscing elit.


Traffic control to distribute the line load

SD-WAN Load Balancing

Ensures your most important applications always use the best path, or can be load-balanced across multiple paths – all with automated optimization, secure UTM firewall connectivity, and no ongoing administrator time or effort.

Internet Breakout

Internet Breakout sends cloud-based applications like Office 365 directly from the branch to the Internet – reducing inter-branch VPN traffic load while increasing performance.

Centralized Security

Centralized security lets you set the type of websites your staff can visit from all branches at once – to simplify security management and protect your business.

Dynamic VPN Connection

Dynamic Connection enables quick and easy visual creation of new VPNs between branch-office locations – to easily grow your network with drag-and-drop simplicity.


Automatic configuration, automatic building, and automatic recovery of network devices are easily realized.

Automatic configuration by simply connecting to the WAN

Zero-Touch Auto Recovery

Realize uninterrupted WAN with a single line /Easy recovery with automatic settings.

Realize uninterrupted WAN with a single line / Easy recovery with automatic settings

Bypass Access Control

Automatic blocking of devices detected by cyber security applications.

Vista Manager EX

Visualize the network status to support comfortable operation

Visualization of WAN usage

WAN Topology Map

Vista Manager-EX’s WAN topology map visualizes WAN usage. It visualizes the encrypted communication IPsec VPN that many companies are using, so you can see the information according to the actual operation.

The connection status of VPN tunnels is indicated by colors, so you can see the status of each tunnel at a glance. You can also visualize the amount of applications being used.


Strengthen the security of the entire network, including terminals and IoT devices

Improve security throughout the network

Network Security

In cooperation with the SDN controller (AT-SESC), based on the threat information detected by AT-AR3050S and AT-AR4050S, the ports of switches and wireless LAN access points connected to terminals where threats are detected are automatically blocked and quarantined, thereby preventing the spread of threats in the LAN and increasing the safety of the entire network.

See how it works

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Usage Scenarios

AMF-WAN will provide a network environment that meets the needs of each market and addresses the issues that are currently required.k availability, increase operational efficiency, and ensure security through cooperation with AMF, Vista Manager EX, and AMF-SEC.ipiscing elit.