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Teachers and students both rely heavily on technology to add value and enhance the educational experience. We deliver next-level performance for classrooms and mobile users, while protecting the network infrastructure and ensuring sensitive data is kept secure.

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Easy Authentication

Students, teachers and administrators need to be logged in independently from a wired or wireless connection, without user interference and always with the correct access rights.

High Performance

Each classroom must support at least 40 wireless laptop/tablets, with high-speed access for students and wired connections for blackboards and projectors. Wi-Fi must be available across the campus, as well as for indoor and outdoor use.


Easy Management

Network updates are constantly arising. A network management system must be able to automate activity to lower human resource, on the go.

Threats Blocked

Educational organizations must protect networks and students from threats. Traditional security models do not provide protection from attacks coming from “inside” via an infected laptop, tablet or any IoT device.

An Education Success


Provide wired and wireless connectivity to 2,700 students.


A new, fully managed campus network that is high performing—carrying voice, video and data, with automatic failover.


The entire campus now enjoys a brand-new network. Thanks to AMF, NIT Raipur IT staff have an easy-to-manage network, with automated backup and recovery, reducing administration time and cost.

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