IoT Solution for Healthcare

As connected care continues to grow, Allied Telesis is here to make sure you’re delivering the most secure and reliable solutions to your healthcare network. Our medical IoT solution can empower your hospital with enhanced connectivity and advanced technology. We also provide comprehensive support for integrating medical IoT devices, ensuring seamless connectivity, data accuracy, and enhanced patient care.

Our Comprehensive IoT Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

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Reliable Wireless Access

Given the high level of mobility in healthcare today, it is essential to focus on wireless networking with specific attention to incorporating medical IoT solutions. The aim is to mitigate issues such as conflicting signals, dead spots, and dropped connections as caregivers and medical devices traverse from room to room within the facility. This emphasizes the need for a well-designed wireless infrastructure that accommodates the demands of an IoT solution. By doing so, we can ensure a reliable and seamless connectivity environment for both caregivers and the efficient operation of medical devices throughout the healthcare facility.

The Ultimate in Network Management

From connected medical devices to mobile access to EHRs, virtually every aspect of the healthcare industry today is dependent on a highly reliable IT network. To maintain control over your network, especially with the integration of medical IoT solutions, consider implementing a single-pane-of-glass monitoring system. This approach ensures comprehensive oversight and management, allowing you to navigate the complexities of the interconnected healthcare environment seamlessly. By incorporating a monitoring system, you can proactively address issues, guaranteeing the stability and efficiency of the network supporting vital functions like medical devices and EHR access across the healthcare ecosystem.

Secure Network Access

In healthcare, ensuring secure network access is vital. Care providers and staff require protected entry, patients and family members need guest access, and the integration of medical IoT solutions demands proper device authorization. Achieving this security involves tailoring access based on the unique identity and context of each entity. By prioritizing identity-based access controls, healthcare institutions can maintain a secure network environment, meeting the diverse needs of care providers, patients, and facilitating the integration of medical IoT solutions seamlessly.

Easy Management

Network updates are constantly arising. A network management system must be able to automate activity to lower human resource, quickly and easily.

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