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Cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Companies now routinely enable work from home—hot-desking, flexitime, and BYOD— all of which make it harder to secure the work environment and protect digital assets from internal and external threats.

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Putting Data to Work

It is paramount for modern networks to have performance, scale, security and intelligence in a futureproof infrastructure. Industrial solutions for smart cities are able to work indoors and out, collecting sensor information while generating revenue—a mandatory step in any smart city deployment.

Smarter, More Sustainable Buildings

To better align with climate and sustainability goals, and to help improve public health and safety, smart cities are looking to smart building technologies to drive impactful changes in facilities management.

Smarter Public Safety

Video and data management solutions protect residents and visitors at work, at home and on the move by preventing safety issues and dealing quickly with any issues that arise.

Smart City Riding Solutions

Among the many challenges that public transit agencies face—from economic and social, to environmental and safety—the most pressing is the need to increase ridership while maintaining high safety standards and controlling costs.

A Local Government Success

Simplified management, guaranteed security


Tamba City was experiencing network loops and loss of connectivity, and losing a lot of time supporting aging devices. It was time for an update.


The City Government of Tamba, Japan, gets centralized management for more than 100 facilities with AMF Plus, and cutting-edge security with AMF-Sec.


The new solution provided automated and simplified management partnered with instant cyber threat protection for always-on access to government information, digital learning tools for schools and protection of digital assets.

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