Manufacturing IoT Solutions

Data is crucial to your manufacturing network, so moving it securely, reliably and quickly is essential to your success. We have the factory IoT solutions, the products and the experience to help. Our factory IoT solution is designed to enhance your manufacturing operations efficiency and have every part of machinery integrated into a secured network so that you can utilise the equipment anywhere in the factory.

Our Comprehensive IoT Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

Get an IoT manufacturing solutions you can rely on, that is scalable and customised for you

Robust Wireless for Tough Environments

Our hybrid Wi-Fi delivers where others cannot. Get wireless coverage and seamless roaming for critical applications where you need it.

Industrial-Grade Infrastructure

Build your network to survive the harshest of environmental conditions.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Defend your production capability from cyber attacks. Isolate critical areas and create a self-defending network.

Simplify Operations to Save Time & Money

Control and automate your industrial and enterprise networks with a single tool for maximum efficiency.

A Manufacturing Success

Automotive client that creates first-class customer solutions needed its own first-class solution.


Protect the manufacturing plant and equipment. Fault-tolerant. No downtime.


Solution Design and implement a state-of the-art video surveillance system and network access without missing a beat.


Always-on access to all digital manufacturing systems, reduction in IT time and advanced video surveillance.

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Build your network to meet the needs of your local government organization. Choose high-performance Wi-Fi, powerful firewalls and resilient switching options, paired with our flexible management solutions.

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