Medical Corporation Mizunokikai Shimonoseki Hospital

AMF and AWC build an in-hospital network that enables integrated management and quick recovery from failures

The medical corporation Mizukikai Shimonoseki Hospital has renewed its in-hospital network and VPN routers for related facilities. “AMF (Autonomous Management Framework)” realizes integrated network management and quick recovery from accidents. In addition, the autonomous wireless LAN solution “AWC (Autonomous Wave Control)” has built a wireless LAN environment that allows comfortable use of electronic medical record system terminals.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Medical corporation Mizunokikai Shimonoseki Hospital

Mr. Hiroshi Mizuki,
Director of Shimonoseki Hospital, Medical Corporation

Number of Beds
6-18-18 Tomitocho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Hiroshi Mizuki
296 beds (including 1 emergency designated bed)

A private psychiatric hospital with a psychiatric emergency ward. As a core hospital for psychiatric care in the region, we will not only work on acute treatment but also work on solving problems of all mentally handicapped people, including therapeutic treatment for people with disabilities who are difficult to treat.

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