Municipal Ise General Hospital

Full support for the network that supports the information system of the new hospital

Municipal Ise General Hospital in Ise City, Mie Prefecture has adopted Allied Telesis’ network solution in line with the move to the new hospital. “AMF (Autonomous Management Framework)” that integrates and manages networks, “AWC-CB (Channel Blanket)” that realizes a single-channel wireless LAN environment, and “AMF-SEC (AMF-SECurity)” that enhances security by linking applications. , Allied Telesis’s various network solutions, such as “Net.Monitor” that supports the stable operation of IT systems, support the network that forms the basis of hospital information systems.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Municipal Ise General Hospital

Mr. Nuki Minamidaira, Chief of
Medical Office, Management Promotion Department, Ise Municipal General Hospital

Business Manager
Number of Beds
3038 Kusube-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
2005 (Opening date due to merger of cities, towns and villages)
Takahisa Hara
Akito Sasaki
300 beds

A municipal hospital advocating 21 clinical departments. Aiming for hospital-completed medical care based on acute care, we provide seamless medical care from the acute phase to the convalescent phase and the chronic phase. We will improve the quality of medical care and patient services, and continue to provide safe and secure medical care that is trusted by the public.

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