Narusawa Village Hall

Strengthen local government information security measures by introducing SES

At the Narusawa Village Hall in Yamanashi Prefecture, we are strengthening information security measures in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Allied Telesis’s “Secure Enterprise SDN (SES)” (currently AMF-SEC) solution is used to realize a secure and stable network.

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Customer profile

Narusawa Village Hall

Mr. Tomoki Watanabe, Chief of
Welfare Section, Health and Welfare Division, Narusawa Village Hall





1575 Narusawa Village, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture

89.58 square kilometers

3,158 people (as of November 1, 2017)

There are 30 clinical departments. Based on abundant imaging equipment centered on PET and PET-CT, we are promoting the shared use of advanced medical equipment and developing a full range of medical cooperation. Aiming for completion in March 2019, the sixth extension work (general medical examination center extension work) has started, and the medical examination facilities will be further enhanced.

Partner companies

YSK e-com Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kenji Abe, Deputy General Manager, Solution Department,
Network Business Headquarters, YSK e-com Co., Ltd.

head office Do-ChuoV (Network Business Headquarters) Capital Established number of employees URL
1-13-2 Yuda, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 5-2-27 Central, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 100 million yen 1986 222 people (as of April 2017)

Established from the desire to contribute to the provision of employment opportunities and computerization in Yamanashi Prefecture. Developing businesses such as software development, network construction / operation, data centers, and computer product sales. Always work on “customer-oriented” software development.

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