National Public Employee Mutual Aid Association Tachikawa Hospital

Introduced "AMF" for integrated management of hospital networks and "Net.Monitor" for operational support

National Civil Service Mutual Aid Association Tachikawa Hospital introduced Allied Telesis equipment and operation support services to the network when constructing a new hospital. AMF (Allied Telesis Management Framework) realizes integrated management of networks and quick recovery from failures, as well as reduction of operation man-hours by IT operation support service “Net.Monitor”.

Network configuration image diagram

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National Civil Service Mutual Aid Association Tachikawa Hospital

National Public Officers Mutual Aid Association Federation of Tachikawa hospital medical director Palliative Care Department Director surgical General Manager of Vascular Surgery Department Yoshinobu Akiyama
Location Clinical Department Number of Beds URL
4-2-22 Nishikicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 33 clinical departments 450 beds (general 406, spirit 38, infection 6)

A regional medical support hospital in Tachikawa City, a general hospital designated as a secondary emergency medical institution designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Aim to practice medical care from the patient’s perspective.

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