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Build a secure and highly operational campus network with AMF, AMF-SEC, and AWC

GS Yuasa, which develops, manufactures, and sells various batteries for automobiles and industries globally, plans to introduce systems for core operations and production management when constructing a new factory in Hungary. Allied Telesis provided total support for the integration of ERP systems and network infrastructure, helping to build the system network that underlies factories that require stability, reliability, and high security.

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The University of Electro-Communications

Professor Masayuki Takada,
Ph.D. (Engineering), The University of Electro-Communications

Established Representative

1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
President Shunichi Tano

In 2018, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our predecessor, the Wireless Telegraph Training Center. We provide education and research not only in the fields of electricity and communications, but also in a wide range of fields from the basics to applications of science and engineering, such as materials science, life science, optical science, electronics, robotics, mechanical engineering, and media. We will continue to fulfill our role as a leading university that contributes to the international community, based on the philosophy of “Aiming to create and practice knowledge and skills that contribute to the sustainable development of science and technology.”

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