Nayoro City General Hospital

AWC-CB builds a wireless LAN environment that can be used stably even in hospital operations

Nayoro City General Hospital has adopted Allied Telesis’ network solution to update the network. Allied Telesis’ original single-channel technology “AWC-CB (AWC-Channel Blanket)” is used for the wireless LAN environment. We have built a wireless LAN environment that enables stable use of inspection equipment such as touch computer terminals, notebook PCs, and portable photography.

Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Nayoro City General Hospital

Mr. Takayuki Kun,
Medical Information Management Office,
Nayoro City General Hospital

Examination Subject
Number of Beds
8-1 Nishi 7 Jominami, Nayoro City, Hokkaido
22 clinical departments
359 floors

General hospital in Nayoro City, Hokkaido. Established in 1937. We develop medical care centered on emergency medical care and advanced acute care / acute care. In emergency medical care, we not only accept transportation by ambulance, but also carry out transportation by a doctor helicopter and dispatch a doctor car, and are in charge of wide-area emergency medical care in northern Hokkaido.

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