NETREND Medical Network Online Seminar

The spread of the new coronavirus infection provides an opportunity to re-question the ideal way of information infrastructure and equipment, and the importance of networks in medical institutions is increasing.

In this seminar, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC will be invited to give a special lecture, and from the point of medical information system development that should be considered in the era called With Corona, it is optimal for measures and problem solving required in network operation and management. We have told you about our solution.

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Venue scenery

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Outline of the event

name NETREND Medical Network Online Seminar
“Complicated In-Hospital Information Infrastructure -What is Operation Management Required in the Corona Era-“
Organizer Allied Telesis Co., Ltd.
Cooperation Japan Medical Planning Co., Ltd.
Date and time Wednesday, October 7, 2020 14: 00-15: 00
format Online (live distribution / YouTube)
Target Medical professionals and related companies
cost Free (pre-registration required)
Capacity 100 people

Seminar content


① Special lecture (about 25 minutes)
“Medical information system development plan in the With Corona era”

Mr. Daisuke Nemoto, Healthcare, Risk Advisory Division, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

In the age of With Corona, the promotion of telemedicine and the improvement of the working environment of staff are required.
ICT is indispensable for realizing more efficient and safe operations.
Why don’t you think about updating the medical information system at your medical institution in order to review the construction of ICT in the hospital to improve operations in the new era?

Mr. Daisuke Nemoto Profile
After working as a think tank, he is in his current position. Engaged in medical-related research projects such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, medical information systems, hospital establishment / operation advisory services, etc. He has written and lectured on “Practical Health Management” and “HIS Theorem (serialized in magazines)”.

(2) Presentation (about 25 minutes)
“Complicated in-hospital information infrastructure-What is the operational management required in the Corona era?”

Allied Telesis Co., Ltd. Solution Engineering Headquarters
 Tokyo Project Management Department
Chief Aimi Nishino

A network that expands and becomes more complex due to the increase in external connections and information terminals in the With Corona era, such as online medical care, establishment of temporary clinics, teleworking of staff, and introduction of communication tools.
While the shortage of IT human resources is being questioned, we will introduce the optimal operation management method based on the actual management screen while reducing the operation cost and burden.

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