Network design and setting class to realize the GIGA school concept

Allied Telesis will hold a network design and setting workshop to realize the GIGA school concept.
Initially, we planned to hold a face-to-face seminar with lecturers, but in view of the government’s announcement of a state of emergency, we decided to hold an online seminar .
You can take classes from your office or home, and we will explain in detail from explanations about network design to procedures and operations on the actual setting screen.
Precautions / Prohibitions for attending

Outline of the event

name Network design and setting class to realize the GIGA school concept
Organizer Allied Telesis Co., Ltd.
Target Integrators nationwide involved in design and introduction
place You can take classes online from your office or home
Holding schedule Due to its popularity, additional events will be held!
October 202010/13 (Tue), 30 (Fri)
November 202011/24 (Tue)
December 202012/17 (Thursday)
* Time: 15: 00-17: 30 for each session
cost \ 20,000 / person
Capacity 20 people / each time

Seminar content

Lecture (about 1 hour)

・ What is the main point of the GIGA school concept?
・ Configuration pattern (10G / 1G)
・ Introduction of products, solutions and services

Setting class (about 1.5 hours)

・ Security design and settings required for school LAN (appropriate VLAN design)
・ Batch setting of multiple wireless APs (simple GUI)
・ Issuance of certificates required for terminal authentication (simple GUI)
・ Network operation management (collective) Setting change / automatic recovery in case of failure)
・ Introduction of wireless LAN design points (arrangement of usage requirements, precautions for wireless AP installation, etc.)

* Please contact our sales staff for applications and consultation regarding this seminar.

Contact Us

Allied Telesis Co., Ltd.

[Precautions / Prohibitions for attending]

・ The URL sent in the seminar information can only be used by one person, and cannot be used by multiple people.
Please note that if you lend it to another person, you will not be able to watch it.

・ Recording, recording, and shooting of this seminar, secondary use of materials, and posting of detailed contents to SNS are strictly prohibited.
As soon as the promotion of these seminar contents is discovered, we may deal with it as a copyright / portrait right infringement.

・ Since videos will be distributed during this seminar, we recommend a wired environment for participation and viewing.
In addition, although the system of this seminar is making every effort to ensure stable service operation, viewing may be affected by delays and block noise depending on the customer’s environment and line conditions. Please note that.

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