Photoelectric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Introducing Allied Telesis network solution for enhanced security

Photoelectric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced Allied Telesis network equipment and IT operation support services in order to further strengthen security. Together with other measures, we have built a stronger security environment than ever before, and at the same time, we have realized stable network operation by AMF (Allied Telesis Management Framework).


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Photoelectric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Mr. Akira Ishii,
Director, Executive Officer,
Information Security / System Management Office, Photoelectric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Location
2-13-24 Tamagawa, Ota-ku, Tokyo

President and CEO Takeshi Kato

Founded in 1947, the Navy Technical Research Institute, which was a pioneer in electronic technology, and engineers from the Ministry of Communications and International Telecommunications Co., Ltd., who played a central role in radio wave operation, gathered together. We are sending out various products all over the world centering on positioning distance sounding technology and information signal technology.

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