Promote the development of “Tokalabs” Software Defined Labs (SDL) “”, a virtualization test / evaluation environment for the “new daily life” of the Wiz Corona era.

Allied Telesis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Akiyoshi Oshima) announced that it will promote the strengthening of Tokalabs “Software Defined Labs (SDL)”, which develops virtualization test and evaluation environments. To do.
With the epidemic of the new coronavirus today, it is required to respond to changing work styles and living environments due to the increase in remote work. In order to enable verification and evaluation from a remote environment even in network environment tests, we support the construction of a virtualization test / evaluation environment by developing a virtual lab.

[About Software Defined Labs (SDL)]

Tokalabs provides a software-defined system evaluation environment (Software Defined Lab). Tokalabs can freely combine physical and virtualized network resources, and by utilizing sandbox technology, it simplifies troublesome physical wiring work and manual setting, and virtualizes a “virtual lab” that can be verified and evaluated remotely. Build on a virtualized environment. It is the best solution for system evaluation when introducing new applications and as a verification system for development and research departments.

  • <Excellent investment effect>
  • -56%: Reduction of installation and operation costs
    + 77%: Improvement of productivity
    + 90%: Promotion of automation
  • <Innovative features: Realizing “SDL-Software Defined Labs” with increased efficiency by freeing from physical restrictions>
  • ・ 100% Web browser-based client
    ・ Automatic detection of network resources regardless of physical / virtualization
    ・ Reduction of troublesome physical wiring work
    ・ Construction and management of cloud resources

[Adoption of solution by US Air Force Research Laboratory]

Allied Telesis is also developing collaborative solutions using SDL with partner companies. SDL solutions in collaboration with partner companies have been recognized by organizations such as the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and the partner companies that have collaborated with the US Air Force Research Laboratory have been selected as startup companies to promote national security efforts through mass challenges. And our SDL solution is being deployed as a lab facility.

[Future efforts]

Allied Telesis will develop SDL solutions as an innovative evaluation and verification system for “new everyday life.” In addition, we are promoting development with the goal of starting provision in Japan by the end of 2020, and we will continue to realize network solutions that can be used easily and with peace of mind.

<Reference URL> Tokalabs introduction page

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