Founded in 2017, 100% capital investment company by Zerone Technology Co. Ltd. PETAcom/Zerone is Top 1 Cisco distributor /Resell Partner of PaloAlto , ForeScout Distributor; Petacom and Zerone Technology share same Management/Sales/Tech team.

Petacom Strong Point : (1)Rich SI partnership In 1997, Spun off from Acer, Software & Peripheral department, founded Weblink International Inc. Weblink’s product portfolio comprises of leading vendors including commercial and home information electronics, application software, digital entertainment, system integration, SMBs solution services etc. Weblink strong points : (1)Weblink is part of Acer Group , has a strong flow of funds ; (2)Pan-Acer group could be the potential customer of ATI ; Acer eDC focus Cybersecurity service for Enterprise and Government class end customers ; (3)Trend Micro/APC/WatchGuard/SonicWall.. #1 Distributor in TW ; (4)Weblink has 6,000+  channels , active 3,500+ channels , 300+ SI partners ; (5)Weblink has solution team for system integration , invest more resources ; (6)Effective delivery logistics service (4 times a day) Rapid DOA and RMA system to meet resellers’ needs with highly satisfaction.including Cisco/PaloAlto/ForeScout etc, (2)Rich pre-support/post-support SE, (3)Strong collaboration with cybersecurity vendor PaloAlto and ForeScout