S & B Foods Co., Ltd.

Build an integrated network that forms the basis of smart factories with AMF, AWC-CB, and AMF-SEC

For S & B Foods, which is familiar with “spices & herbs,” we are promoting smart factory support at production plants. As the first step, we are promoting the introduction of IoT and smart factory support at the new factory in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, and adopted Allied Telesis as the underlying network. By introducing Allied Telesis network solutions such as AMF, AWC-CB, and AMF-SEC, we have built a secure and stable network that enables integrated management and allows quick recovery in the unlikely event.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

S & B Foods Co., Ltd.

Masanori Kobayashi, Unit Manager, Production Development Unit, Supply Department,
Development and Production Group, S & B Foods Co., Ltd.

18-6 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Hiroyuki Kogata, President and CEO

With the vision of “pursuing the potential of spices and herbs, which are the blessings of the earth, and shaping a delicious, healthy, and bright future,” we will continue our activities toward its realization. In recent years, in addition to Western-style spices that boast a rich lineup, the series of “SPICE & HERB Seasoning” that makes it easy to cook around the world has also been enhanced.

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