School corporation Shujitsu Gakuen Shujitsu High School / Junior High School

Adopting Allied Telesis solutions and products for the school network that forms the basis of ICT education

Shujitsu Gakuen School Corporation Shujitsu High School and Junior High School have established a school network with the rebuilding of the school building. Allied Telesis’ AMF (Autonomous Management Framework) and other solutions and products have been adopted to build a highly reliable school network.

Network configuration image diagram

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Shujitsu High School / Junior High School

Shujitsu High School / Junior High School Principal Miho Takeuchi
Number of Beds
14-23 Yuminocho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi 1904 Principal Miho Takeuchi 0

Based on the founding spirit of “Keika Jitsusei,” we will reform education to develop “21st century skills,” such as the ability to learn by students, problem-solving skills, information utilization skills, and communication skills in English. Promotion. We support the achievement of each student’s goals with a variety of curriculums, including special advancement courses and advancement courses in junior high school, special advancement courses, special advancement challenge courses, and comprehensive advancement courses in high school.

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