Security Controller | Wireless Device Detection

Data security is paramount in today’s challenging environment. With the increasing need for staff to access online resources anytime, anywhere, our innovative security controller not only safeguards your digital assets but also features wireless device detection for automated protection against cyber threats. Protect your business effortlessly.

Automated network protection

Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) simplifies and automates wireless device detection and network management. AMF-Sec adds a powerful security component that works with your firewall to instantly respond to malware and block lateral movement of threats within a wired or wireless network.

Our AMF-Security Controller:

  • Automates internal network security
  • Maximizes application availability
  • Improves end-user experience
  • Reduces management costs

Easy and immediate edge security

Traditional network security uses a firewall to defend against external threats from the Internet. AMF-Sec takes it a step further. It not only responds promptly to external threats but also addresses risks posed by internal users and connected devices through advanced device detection. Enjoy autonomous protection that blocks malware anywhere on the network edge.

The AMF-Security Controller:

  • Automates malware threat detection and isolation
  • Quarantines suspect user devices
  • Simplifies network access control
  • Works with any client device and requires no agent software
  • Integrates with your existing firewall so no replacement is necessary

Simplify Edge Security

Automate your endpoint security policies to control access by user, location and time.

Immediate Isolation

Devices with suspected threats, malware and ransomware are automatically isolated from the rest of the network to limit damage.

Easy Authentication

Control what connects to your network with an automatic whitelist of known devices to simplify authentication and exclude threats.

Full visibility for proactive management

AMF-Sec integrates with Vista Manager, our network management and monitoring platform. Malware threats that have been discovered and dealt with are highlighted on the network map, alerting administrators, and making finding the suspect device simple for remediation. 

Wireless Device Detection | AMF-Sec

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