Net. AMFPlus

Net.AMFPlus provides you with the simplified management and powerful automation features of Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF Plus), and the visual network management tools of Vista Manager, all hosted by Allied Telesis in the cloud.

Remove the need for local server resources and enjoy easy cloud-based management access, easy configuration, and easy trouble-shooting – all backed up with 24×7 monitoring and issue notification from Allied Telesis expert monitoring team.

AMF Plus offers auto recovery, auto backup, auto upgrade and centralized management of your wired Allied Telesis switches, routers and firewalls. It enables you to manage many devices in a single step, saving time and effort.

AMF Security protects your wired and wireless network from internally-sourced threats, such as infected laptops, and gives you control over device authentication and user access to the network. It can automatically block and quarantine infected user devices so you can investigate them.

 Net. AMFPlus BasicNet. AMFPlus Advanced
Minimum Number of Nodes520
Cloud hosted AMF Plus Master or AWC Wireless Controller (without Channel Blanket)x 
Cloud hosted AMF Plus Master or AWC Wireless Controller (with Channel Blanket)xx
Call Centre 24×7xx
Email Notificationxx
Phone Notification x
Cloud hosted Vista Manager Ex (Shared Instance* if <60 nodes; Dedicated Instance* if >60 nodes)xx
Cloud hosted Vista Manager Ex (Dedicated Instance*) x

* Dedicated Instance offers full functionality, while Shared Instance offers limited functionality of Vista Manager Ex.

How it Works


Product CodeDescriptionList Price USD
AT-NETAMFPLUS-BSC-1YRNet.AMFPlus Basic 1 Year per Node* (Minimum Order – 5 Nodes)$80
AT-NETAMFPLUS-BSC-5YRNet.AMFPlus Basic 5 Years per Node* (Minimum Order – 5 Nodes)$240
AT-NETAMFPLUS-ADV-1YRNet.AMFPlus Advanced 1 Year per Node* (Minimum Order – 20 Nodes)$240
AT-NETAMFPLUS-ADV-5YRNet.AMFPlus Advanced 5 Years per Node* (Minimum Order – 20 Nodes)$720
AT-NETAMFPLUS-ADD-SEC-1YRAMF-Security Add-on for Net.AMFPlus 1 Year per Site$1,600
AT-NETAMFPLUS-ADD-SEC-5YRAMF-Security Add-on for Net.AMFPlus 5 Years per Site$4,800

* Each node can be a wireless access point, a router, a switch, or a stack of switches.

Autonomous Management Framework