Net. AWC

Net.AWC provides you with the powerful wireless management and optimization features of Autonomous Wave Control (AWC), and the visual network management tools of Vista Manager, all hosted by Allied Telesis in the cloud.

Remove the need for local server resources and enjoy easy cloud-based management access, easy configuration, and easy trouble-shooting – all backed up with 24×7 monitoring and issue notification from Allied Telesis expert monitoring team.

AWC lets you optimize Wi-Fi performance effortlessly, remove problems with roaming, increase reliability, and upgrade your wireless network without the need for new cabling, enabling an innovative wireless management and automation solution.

 Net. AWC BasicNet. AWC Advanced
Customer SizeSmallMiddle – Large
Wireless APs and monitored devices (Network/IoT Device, Server etc.)Up to 100 DevicesUp to 3000 Devices
Monitoring, Email Notification (Device and port status, CPU, PSU, Temperature, etc.)
Call Centre 24×7
Customer Portal Site(Vista Manager EX)
Phone notification of failures 
Multi-Vendor Monitoring 
Quarterly Report 
AWC (arranged by us)AWCAWC-CB/SC

How it Works


Product CodeDescriptionList Price USD
AT-NETAWC-BSC-1YR1 Year Net.AWC Basic: AWC + Monitoring Service$80/Device
AT-NETAWC-BSC-5YR5 Year Net.AWC Basic: AWC + Monitoring Service$240/Device
AT-NETAWC-ADV-1YR1 Year Net.AWC Advanced: AWC/AWC-CB/AWC-SC + Monitoring Service$160/Device
AT-NETAWC-ADV-5YR5 Year Net.AWC Advanced: AWC/AWC-CB/AWC-SC + Monitoring Service$480/Device

Autonomous Wave Control

Optimize Wi-Fi Performance

AWC-Channel Blanket

Roaming-less Wi-Fi

AWC-Smart ConnectWave Control

Wi-Fi Redundancy