Net. Cyber Security

This security risk assessment service provides a simple, low-cost vulnerability assessment and various security measures.

After investigating the security risks hidden in your company’s internal LAN, our experts can propose the most appropriate security measures for your IT infrastructure.

Net.CyberSecurity simplifies risk management for your IT team.

 Net.Cyber Security BasicNet.Cyber Security Advanced
Customer SizeSmallMiddle – Large
Assessment Device
(Network/IoT Device, Server etc.)
Up to 10 DevicesUp to 200 Devices
Customer Portal Site
Assessment Report

How it Works

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Product Code Description
AT-NETCYB-BSC Net.CyberSecurity Basic – 3 Months LAN Assessment 10 IPs
AT-NETCYB-ADV Net.CyberSecurity Advanced – 3 Months LAN Assessment 200 IPs