Switch / router product enhancements with AlliedWare Plus (AW +) version upgrade

Allied Telesis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Akiyoshi Oshima) has upgraded the switch / router product firmware “AlliedWare Plus (AW +)” to the new firmware “AW + Ver.5.4.9-2.3”. The download service from our website started on January 24th.

Main functions expanded with firmware “AW + Ver.5.4.9-2.3”

(1) Expansion of maximum stack number (switch function)

  • The number of switch stacks can be expanded from 4 to a maximum of 8. By connecting the switches in a stack, you can treat multiple switches as if they were one, and it is easier to set up and manage than when managing each switch individually.
  • <Target model> CentreCOM x950 / x530 / x530L series

(2) Web GUI enhancement

  • Parameters for local RADIUS settings have been added, and VLAN information, local CA settings, and CSV import / export can now be performed. In addition, various display settings that were not supported by the Web GUI, such as SSH settings, secondary IP address settings, and DNS server settings, are now available.
    In addition, detailed information such as the IP address to be detected can be displayed on the dashboard of the UTM function (router only).

<Products subject to version upgrade> Now on sale

AT-SBx81CFC960 (SwitchBlade x8100 series), SwitchBlade x908 GEN2, CentreCOM x950 / x930 / x550 / x530 / x530L / x510 / x510DP / x310 / x230 / x230L / x220 series, AT-IX5-28GPX, CentreCOM Secure HUB SH310 / SH230 / XS900MX / GS980MX / GS980M / FS980M series, CentreCOM IE340 / IE340L / IE200 / IE210L series, AMF Cloud, AT-AR4050S, AT-AR3050S, AT-AR2050V, AT-AR2010V, AT-AR1050V

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