The Secret to Managing Network Complexity is Finding the Right Partners and Technologies

Networking complexity has accelerated rapidly for many companies in recent years. Organisations shifted to flexible, distributed work environments to grapple with COVID-19, and then moved to embrace the opportunities offered by IoT, Edge Computing, and now AI. With those shifts came new challenges in ensuring a seamless user experience for employees and clients when interacting with the company.

It is possible to find efficiencies and build better, more seamless networking environments. That starts with finding the right technologies and partners to take a fresh look at the networking environment. This is particularly important through digital transformation, where any network disruptions will cause major issues to business operations.

The innovator driving efficiency, security, and reliability

Allied Telesis has positioned itself as the alternative that allows organisations to ease back on the complexity of their networking environments by leveraging innovations around AI and machine learning. 

“Other networking vendors have the value proposition to their robust channel networks that their solutions are complicated, difficult to implement and maintain,” Ozawa Tsuyoshi, Senior Vice President of Allied Telesis Asia Pacific said. “Our value proposition is making deployment and maintenance simple through Network AI, so that our partners can focus on their core competencies rather than solving our products and solutions problems.”

It’s a compelling value proposition when backed by a company that offers its channel robust support. As a 100 percent channel-driven enterprise, Allied Telesis is incentivised to invest deeply in its channel and it has a significant presence across the region. The company has been operating for more than 30 years across Asia Pacific and has three factories in China, Indonesia, and Singapore respectively. 

It has positioned itself as a strong challenger to some very large incumbents in this space through a simple value proposition:

  1. The technology is simple to understand and deploy. 
  2. The solutions are cost-effective, promising a lower TCO, as well as lower operating and maintenance costs.

Core to its ability to deliver this is its Intent-based Networking (IBN) solutions, which incorporate AI and ML into the solution to automate administrative tasks and proactively troubleshoot. This solution allows Allied Telesis to provide secure and “zero downtime” solutions in the LAN, WAN and WLAN space.

Committed to the channel

Allied Telesis has been rapidly accelerating its support of the Asia Pacific channel over the past year. For example in May the company added Synnex Australia to its list of distributors, and in September of 2022 it inked a deal with Bluechip Infotech. Regionally, the company added TechData Singapore in February, and TechData India and Hong Kong in August.

For Allied Telesis’ part, it is looking to continue to build its channel network with partners that can offer the value add. “We aim to identify partners that align with our business goals, values, and target audience,” Benjamin Teh, Regional Director of Allied Telesis Asia Pacific said. “Partners who have a strong track record and expertise in areas that complement Allied Telesis’s offering are most welcome to unlock profitable opportunities through deep solutions integration, professional services, maintenance support, and so on.”

As NetworkWorld noted in an article looking towards networking in 2023, “speeds-and-feeds” are no longer the priority. Obviously, the specifications are important, but real success with networking will come from the business objectives that networking technology addresses. 

The channel is uniquely positioned to take customers on a journey and architect holistic solutions that address business objectives. Allied Telesis has positioned its technology to be the seamless, highly effective, and robust technology to form the backbone of those solutions. 

For more information on Allied Telesis networking solutions and its channel program, click here.

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