Upgraded switch / router product firmware- Enhanced functions to improve the convenience of network operation management-

Allied Telesis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Akiyoshi Oshima) has upgraded the firmware “AlliedWare Plus (AW +)” for switch router products, and has updated the new firmware “AW + Ver. 5.5.0-1.1” and The download service of “AW + Ver. 5.5.0-1.2” from our website started on August 17th.

In this version upgrade, we have implemented functional enhancements that enhance the convenience of network operation management, such as functional enhancements that realize flexible port authentication.

<Main functions expanded with firmware “AW + Ver. 5.5.0-1.1” and “AW + Ver. 5.5.0-1.2”>

■ Supports “dynamic ACL” that enables ACL setting linked to authentication as a switch function
ACL (access list) is used when authenticating a connection to a network, and is a PC terminal connected to the network. Based on information such as (MAC address, IP address, etc.), it refers to a list that specifies the classification and identification of traffic and routes, as well as the processing for them, and its mechanism.

This time, the extended function “Dynamic ACL” makes it possible to apply an arbitrary ACL to the switch port when authenticating the terminal. This makes it possible to realize flexible traffic control according to the authentication status of the terminal, for example, blocking access to a specific network except for the authentication terminal.

In addition, from this version upgrade, ACL groups will be supported. With ACL groups, IP addresses and TCP ports can be defined as “groups” in the list, making it possible to efficiently set and modify ACLs, which used to be complicated.

<Products subject to version upgrade> Now on sale

AT-SBx81CFC960 (SwitchBlade x8100 series), SwitchBlade x908 GEN2
CenterCOM x950 / x930 / x550 / x530 / x530L / x510 / x510DP / x320 / x310 / x230 / x230L / x220 series
CentreCOM Secure HUB SH310 / SH230 / XS900MX / GS980MX / GS980EM / GS980M / FS980M series
CentreCOM IE340 / IE340L / IE200 / IE210L series
AMF Cloud
AT-AR4050S, AT-AR3050S, AT-AR2050V, AT-AR2010V, AT-AR1050V

For details on the version upgrade, please check the firmware page of each product on our website, or check the URL below.

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