User Guide: Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) Plug-in for VST-APL

The Allied Telesis Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) plug-in enables management and monitoring of Allied Telesis wireless access points (APs). It is available as an optional plug-in for Vista Manager Network Appliance (VST-APL) installations.

These guides are intended for computer system administrators and network engineers. They describe how to use the AWC plug-in. They include details on setting up and using AWC Channel Blanket (AWC-CB) and AWC Smart Connect (AWC-SC).

HTML icon User Guide: AWC plug-in version 3.6.0 for VST-APL

HTML icon User Guide: AWC plug-in version 3.5.0 for VST-APL

For more Vista Manager Network Appliance documentation see the Vista Manager Network Appliance (VST-APL) Technical Documents.

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