Wireless Access Point (AP)

Allied Telesis’s wireless access points provide security, reliability and unmatched roaming performance combined with lower running costs to meet the needs of modern digital organizations.

No Compromise Wi-Fi

Don’t sacrifice performance for reliability. Learn more about our No-Compromise Wi-Fi solution.

With the release of this 6GHz band, more channels will be available to avoid congestion in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, used for dense and interfering current radio and wireless that is not affected by DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) caused by aviation/weather radar. Wi-Fi 6E makes wireless LAN more accessible than ever before and is expected to be used in a wide range of usage scenarios. Allied Telesis combines Wi-Fi 6E with proprietary solutions to provide a more flexible and scalable wireless LAN environment.

Improve Your Wireless Experience

Go wireless. All the time. Between the explosion of IoT and the power of mobile today, it is crucial to have a network that is secure, fast and reliable. Allied Telesis’s wireless AP delivers a better experience—in a scalable format that will fit to a business of any size.

Seamless Roaming

Single-channel and multi-channel wireless at the same time in the same AP for the ultimate mobile experience.

Easy Management

Automated radio optimization for the best coverage without costly manual intervention.

Rapid Deployment

Expand your wireless network effortlessly without the need for channel planning or additional cabling.

Products for Wireless Solutions

Build your ideal wireless solution with our range of high-performance access points and Power over Ethernet (PoE) multi-gigabit switches, paired with our flexible management options.

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