Yamaria Co., Ltd.

Net.AMF renews internal network with AWC

Yamaria Co., Ltd., a major fishing tackle manufacturer, has replaced the in-house LAN. Introduced Allied Telesis’s “Net.AMF” and “AWC (Autonomous Wave Control)” to build a network that realizes centralized management of wired and wireless LANs and automatic recovery. Since then, stable network operation has been performed by remote monitoring using “Net.Monitor”.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

Yamaria Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Ogino, General Manager,
IT Promotion Department, Yamaria Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Location
1-41 Shinmeicho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture

President and CEO Yasushi Kawahara

With the mission of “providing the joy, joy, and excitement of fishing to as many people as possible”, as a company that knows the most about fishing in the world, we will fully demonstrate our knowledge of fishing and fishing. , We will create products that are selected by “fun”, “cool”, “cute”, “great” and “well-fished” with free ideas.

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