WAN Optimization by AIO

AIO realizes the "intention" of administrators

AIO realizes incident-based management based on the administrator’s intent, and automates and eliminates network management.

Network Solution | WAN Optimization by AIO


While the cloud, servers, and apps are diversifying and the number of managed environments is increasing, telemedicine, distance learning, telework, etc. are becoming widespread, and the elements of people, places, and time are becoming more and more complicated. Human network management is reaching its limits, and the time has come for change.

Allied Telesis has supported the stable operation of our customers’ networks by providing integrated management solutions. AIO (Allied Telesis Intent Based Orchestrator) Network AI technology was born by further evolving that technology. AIO automates and saves labor in diversifying and complex networks every day.

Network management problems and concerns

Allied Telesis’ integrated management solution continues to evolve with AIO. With visualization of the network environment and automation of suggestions, configuration can be done by simply selecting “Run / Don’t Run” on the management screen.




Use cases

I want to use Web filtering, but I don’t know the proper settings

Just select your industry, and the best security will be applied automatically!

Security settings for each industry (UTM security)

By simply selecting the user’s industry, AIO acts as a concierge to determine and set the appropriate security policy. You can also see the status of the filtering process in graph form!

Internet from the base is slow and unstable…

Identify bandwidth-hungry applications and improve communication conditions!

Per-application routing (Internet breakout)

Slow and unstable communication between bases…

Improved speed and stability with dedicated VPN
tunnels for base to base communication!

Security settings for each industry (UTM security)

Visualize the communication status (bandwidth and applications) of each site with Vista Manager!AIO builds VPN tunnels for base to base communication with a simple drag and drop of the mouse! Speed and stability are improved by using a dedicated tunnel for communication between sites! Routing settings via the tunnel can be completed with just a GUI!

Unstable communication for video and teleconferencing…

Stable communication according to application priorities!

Per-application routing (Internet breakout)

Visualize the communication status of each application with Vista Manager!
If you specify the priority (high, medium, low) for each application such as Zoom and Skype, AIO will automatically set the priority control!
Prevents important communication delays and packet loss!

I want to prevent communication congestion on my internal network…

Automatically calculate bandwidth to optimize traffic across your private network!

Automatic bandwidth control (WAN traffic shaving)

Just enter the bandwidth of the line on the center side, and AIO will automatically calculate and set the appropriate bandwidth of the router on the base side!
Optimize the traffic of the entire private network without any complicated settings on the router! communication with a simple drag and drop of the mouse! Speed and stability are improved by using a dedicated tunnel for communication between sites! Routing settings via the tunnel can be completed with just a GUI!

AIO-enabled integrated management solution usage environment

Visualization and management tools (Vista Manager Series)

License for Allied Telesis Intent Base Orchestrator (AIO)

Our router products that support AIO


Centralized Management Solution

WAN Optimization Solutions

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