ZTV Co., Ltd.

Centralized management of multi-site networks of cable TV stations, including wired and wireless

ZTV Co., Ltd., a cable television station in Mie Prefecture, has adopted Allied Telesis’ network solution to replace the core switches and wireless LAN access points of its internal network. Allied Telesis’s AMF (Autonomous Management Framework) and AMF-SEC (AMFSECurity), as well as AWC (Autonomous Wave Control), which realizes autonomous and centralized operation management of wireless LAN, have been introduced for wired wireless and networks regardless of headquarters. Realized centralized management.


Network configuration image diagram

Customer profile

ZTV Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hidehito Mori,
Chief, System Management Section, Communication Technology Department, ZTV Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Location
4-7-1, Anotsudai, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture

President and CEO Kenji Tamura

In addition to the cable TV business, it provides services such as the Internet service “Z-LAN”, cable plus telephones, and cable smartphones, with service areas in Shiga and Wakayama prefectures centered on Mie prefecture.

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